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Serve the Moment


Serve the Moment

Project Info

Serve the Moment is a program of Repair the World in partnership with a coalition of Jewish organizations that came together to create an initiative that focuses on helping communities across the nation during a time of need; such as we have with COVID-19. They came to us to help create a volunteer platform and resource center that allows users to find opportunities in their communities, whether virtual or in-person, and guide users to resources that may assist them in their efforts to support their local communities. We created a seamless user experience, leveraging dynamic functionality that allows users to filter opportunities based on their needs of service, and integrates harmoniously into their Salesforce deployment.

Project Focus

Design. UX/UI Design. Systems Architecture. Web Development

Our process

Our team developed a series of different variations for the logo and the icon of the campaign until we found the perfect one, using a set of helping hands as unifying element. We created a logo that portrays the purpose, mission and vision of Serve The Moment.

Solid Solidarity

The weight of the logo, alongside it’s usage of typography and styling of the heart-shaped “V” within the mark itself reflects strength in numbers, depth of character, and unwavering commitment to the human condition.


Our final icon evokes both a heart and two hands holding each other, symbolizing the caring nature of the project.

Serve the Moment is a program of Repair the World, in partnership with the Jewish Service Alliance.

Landing Page

Clean, intuitive user experience design makes it seamless for users to learn everything they want (and need) to know about Serve The Moment.
Illustration from STM project


The iconography used across the site is aligned with the look & feel of our logo, mark and icon, using the same color palette.

Join The Moment

You can take action and contribute vital support alongside service organizations meeting urgent needs of those most impacted by COVID-19, making a difference within your own community.

Make A Donation

Serve The Moment engages dozens of partner organizations, hundreds of Corps Members, and thousands of volunteers; every donation can ensure they mobilize 100.000 acts of service per year. The donation process through the site is simple, easy and rewarding.


Through STM, you can engage with others who want to pursue a just world, taking action together and donating your time to this cause.

Make An Impact

The site covers everything you need to know about Serve The Moment and how to get involved.


The images displayed across the STM site show first hand their volunteering experience and activities, serving as inspiration for new prospects.